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Walking tour – Bütgenbach star walks – 3 days

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Without any doubt at all, the village of Bütgenbach is one of the most touristy places in Eastbelgium. Apart from the village centre itself, the reservoir is the heart of the community, and it can be used for all kinds of water sport. In the summer, the young and the not so young can romp about at the new lido with its sandy beach. The centre of the tourist attractions is the sport and leisure centre in Worriken, where there are many kinds of sport on offer.

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  • 2 overnight stays with breakfast in a hotel
  • 2 evening meals
  • 2 packed lunches
  • hiking maps 
  • documentation

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Day 1: Hike 'Zur Heck' (15 km)

From Bütgenbach, the first stage runs past a landscape of meadows and hedgerows towards the small village of Schoppen. At first, lush green meadows and woods alternate. After Schoppen, you reach the valley of the Möderscheid stream and a small dam. Apart from that, the forest trail goes past a narcissus meadow which displays all its splendour in springtime. Easy woodland paths take you back to the starting point at Bütgenbach.

Day 2: Hike 'On the hills around Bütgenbach' (18 km)

The tourist town of Bütgenbach is framed by attractive hills which you can explore on the second stage of this star walk. When you leave the town, the route goes to the 'Walkerstal' and you cross the Warche, still flowing quietly at that stage. Via the village of Nidrum you then come to Elsenborn, one of the highest points in the region. That is where the impressive landscape of the High Fens begins, and the views out into the valley landscapes of the Eifel-Ardennes region are impressive. Via the 'Roderhöhe' you come to Wirtzfeld, which also borders on the dam. Then you go back to the starting point through the 'Plättscheider Wald'.

Day 3: Hike 'Around the lake' (11 km)

The lap of the reservoir at Bütgenbach is one of the classical tours and very popular with the locals, too. The route mostly consists of small paths, and it stays very close to the water at all times. The start is where the Warche flows into the reservoir. Via the Wirtzfeld bridge, you arrive at a small quarry lined with tall firs. Then you go on up over the Holzwarche bridge through the BNVS' bird and nature protection area. There are benches there which invite you to take a rest, and you can admire the panorama out over the Holzwarche valley, which is about 50m away. Finally, via the path along the lake shore, you reach the narrow part of the lake known as 'Gibraltar', the pyramid-shaped holiday dwellings and the beach at the village of Berg, where bathers gather in the summer. Via the dam wall, 132m long and 32m high, you then return to the starting point.


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From 215€ / None

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Available from 4 April 2020 to 1 November 2020
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