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Raid des Hautes Fagnes (c) rdhf

Hautes Fagnes trek


On the 3rd Sunday in June more than 1000 cyclists come to in Malmedy to take part in one of Europe's toughest mountain bike marathons. It's an official race, open to everyone, with electronic timing and 3 different distances.

The Hautes Fagnes trek is:

  • a varied, technical course that can only produce great champions
  • a unique course in Belgium's largest conservation area
  • a human adventure which requires each participant to surpass him or herself to reach the finish
  • a trek that enables everyone to discover the richness of a really beautiful region by taking them past the famous sights of the region around Malmedy.
Practical information

Date & hour
18.06.2023 > 09:00



T. +32 (0)486 79 90 22

E. arnaud@rdhf.be
H. www.rdhf.be

Spectators free