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The right terrain for every type of bike

Leisurely cycle touring in East Belgium has the right terrain for every type of bike. Flat, hilly or athletically challenging – almost any tour idea can be realised without any problems at all. This is ensured by a network of cycle paths totalling more than 850 km and a superb infrastructure which hardly leaves anything to be desired.

Leisurely cycle touring in East Belgium

Just get on your bike and enjoy the landscape to the full, but without getting out of breath as you do so – that's the principle of leisurely cycle touring. The network of cycle paths in East Belgium and the High Fens – Eifel nature park offers ideal facilities for this kind of leisure activity. On this network, more than 850 km in length, pleasure cyclists and families really get their money's worth.

Thanks to the practical honeycomb system, many cycle tours and routes can be combined freely as the mood takes you. A map is not strictly necessary any more – the tours can be planned conveniently with the on-line route planner on a computer or with the aid of the 'GO Ostbelgien' app and followed later using a GPS device or smartphone.

These cycle paths mainly use byroads with little traffic or woodland paths along rivers, or they run through woods, past meadows and magnificent panoramas. The Ravel cycle paths, also known as 'greenways', are especially popular. These paths have been created on disused railway lines and offer the leisurely cycle tourer a special experience free from stress and traffic. The Vennbahn, one of Europe's longest and best known railway line cycle paths, runs right through the region, connecting Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Bicycle-friendly accommodation amenities (bed+bike), bicycle and e-bike rental and bike shuttles, repair services and package deals round off the good infrastructure and thus ensure a carefree cycling experience.

Vennbahn Am Gruenen Kloster 04(c)vennbahn
Vennbahn Am Gruenen Kloster 04(c)vennbahn

Vennbahn & Ravel cycle paths

Ideal conditions for leisurely cycle tourer and pleasure cyclist

The Ravel cycle paths are a network of paths for non-motorised travellers such as cyclists, pedestrians, skaters and horse-riders. These flat or low-gradient routes in the Eifel-Ardennes region and the High Fens have been created on former railway lines and offer ideal conditions for leisurely cycle tourers and pleasure cyclists. A highlight among the Ravel cycle paths is the Vennbahn between Aachen, East Belgium and Troisvierges. It's one of Europe's longest and most attractive cross-border railway line cycle paths.

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Buellingen VeloTour 11(c)eastbelgium
Buellingen VeloTour 11(c)eastbelgium

Ovelo cycle tours

The honeycomb network of cycle paths at its best

The network of leisurely cycle touring routes in East Belgium is large, and thanks to the honeycomb system the tours can be combined with one another quite simply. But anyone not wishing to miss any of the highlights along the route should know about the special theme routes, above all the Ovelo cycle tours. These routes run in loops via the network of the honeycomb system and along neighbouring Ravel railway line cycle paths such as the Vennbahn. The only way in which the Ovelo cycle routes differ from the others is in their altitude profile and their length, which is between 30 and 50 km. They're ideally suited for day trips and show East Belgium at its best.

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