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MTB tours

A comprehensive network of signposted MTB cycle tours runs through East Belgium, especially in the south of the region between the Eifel and the Ardennes. The overall length of these tours from Baraque Michel in the High Fens to Ouren is 480 km. And there are numerous alternatives: from short routes to routes which are very challenging both technically and physically. Each MTB tour is also available for GPS.

Mountain bike tours in East Belgium


MTB do's and don'ts

Mountain biking in East Belgium is permitted on forest and woodland paths. Paths may only be used if they have an MTB marking (blue triangle with two blue dots);

  • Local path closures must be respected. They are usually in place for a good reason. Do not enter private property without permission.
  • Be considerate to wildlife: wild animals in the woods and out in the open deserve particular thoughtfulness. Avoid making unnecessary noise in the woods and make sure you finish your bike tour before dusk!
  • In the autumn, it is best to find out about shooting and hunting activities before going on a tour. Make sure you pay heed to any notices posted in hunting areas.
  • - > "Plan your tour" – information on closed hunting areas
  • Respect other people who are out enjoying nature – to avoid startling hikers and walkers, reduce your speed when passing to walking pace. Stop if the path is narrow. If possible, ride in small groups only.
  • Do not leave any rubbish behind.
  • Pay heed to the general traffic regulations. Take care when crossing or using main roads.
  • Wear a helmet for your own safety. Check that your bike is in proper condition prior to each tour.


One of Belgium's largest and most beautiful MTB destinations

With its network of routes totalling 480 km, East Belgium is among the largest and most beautiful MTB destinations in Belgium. The extensive woodland area, the valleys of the rivers Warche, Amel, Our, Weser and Hill, and the hilly nature park landscape in the High Fens offer ideal conditions and countless hours of fun on your bike.

Almost 400 m of altitude separate the highest point at the Signal de Botrange (694m) from the lowest point in Ouren (+-300m) in the border country between Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. The network of routes offers both challenging tours that guarantee your calf muscles some real work, and unhurried tours for those who just want to get out and enjoy, in the midst of abundant nature. Friends of XC can choose from 18 signposted circuits reconnoitred by locals.

Marathon riders can put themselves to the test on the East Belgium tour, with its total length of 190 km. Downhillers, freeriders and 4crossers too really get their money's worth in the bike parks in Bévercé and Ovifat.


MTB map 'In the south of East Belgium'

The map 'Mountain biking in the south of East Belgium' offers 18 circuits, a big East Belgium tour (190 km) and a downhill ride from the high ground in the Fens right down into the valley of the Warche. Altogether, there are 480 km of MTB routes available.

> order the map (€8) in the web shop (only available in german, french or dutch)


Video 'MTB in East Belgium'