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Guided MTB tours & clubs

Bike guides know the surrounding area and the routes inside out. They ensure smooth tour planning and know exactly what degree of difficulty is suitable for the group in question. Apart from that, they know the best places to stop off at. The cycling clubs in East Belgium also have plenty of insider information and know the best MTB routes for each level of performance.

Guided MTB tours & clubs

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With a network of routes totalling 480 km in length, the Eifel-Ardennes region can offer any mountain biker endless fun in the saddle. The extensive woodland areas, the valleys of the rivers Amel, Warche, Our, Weser and Hill, and the hilly nature park landscape in the High Fens offer ideal conditions for extensive mountain bike tours. Up hill and down dale, through the beds of streams and helter-skelter downhill. Free mudbath too (depending on the weather) and some really unique trails!

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MTB Clubs

Eifel Biker – Cycling club Bütgenbach  www.eifelbiker.net
Ligna Systems Bike Team – Bike Team St.Vith  Facebook page: Ligna Systems MTB Team
Malmedy Bike – MTB Radclub Malmedy   www.malmedybike.be
Raid des Hautes Fagnes – Malmedy Marathon Bike Race  www.rdhf.be
RSV St.Vith – Cycling club St.Vith  www.rsv.be
RSK Eupen – Cycling club Eupen  www.rsk-eupen.be
VCLC Kelmis – Cycling club Kelmis  www.vclc.be