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The junction node system for bikers in East Belgium

The junction node system,
Cycling by numbers

It could hardly be easier: with the junction node system in East Belgium, you can conveniently plan your cycling trip according to your own fitness level and the time available. 

850 km

of signposted paths

5 → 8 km

average distance between each node

10 OVELO cycle tours

through the most beautiful landscapes on the junction node system

Orientation made revolutionarily simple


What is the junction node system?

→ A sign at every intersection

The classic signposting of biking routes has a decisive disadvantage: the same few routes are used over and over again whilst others are left aside. In the junction node system, each junction point has its own number. These numbers can be found on a map in the online cycle route planner

On site, they can be seen on posts that are placed at many crossroads. With this system by numbers, everyone can now plan their own cycling tour by arranging the numbers according to their wishes about the length and difficulty of the tour. This gives the junction node system users a variety of possibilities to plan their routes.

Cycle route planner

What the junction node system looks like ?


The number of the node is attached at the top of the column (white dot, green background) and shows you where you are. The signposts below indicate the direction to the neighbouring points.

The name of the municipality you are in can be found at the top.

At the very bottom, you find a link to the hiking route planner website and the emergency number 112.

Cycle route planner

How to plan a route on the node network?


At the spots where two or more hiking trails meet, a "junction point" has been given a number. On the online planner, the node points are represented by a white circle, and the text is blue. You simply click on the node points you want to pass, and the planner calculates the route automatically.

The sequence of node-numbers should be noted or remembered in the correct order. Then, one could go to the self-chosen starting point and simply follow the signs to the next node.

The big advantage is that you can decide yourself how far you want to walk. You can also shorten, lengthen or reschedule the route at any time, depending on your wishes. This way, you can experience customized cycling routes in East Belgium. You quickly get to know the most beautiful paths and no longer run the risk of getting lost; even without local knowledge or a detailed cycling map.

Where and since when does the junction node system exist?


The cycling node network in East Belgium has existed since 2004 and encompasses a route network of 850 km, spanning a total of 18 municipalities. This includes the 9 German-speaking municipalities and an additional 9 French-speaking municipalities.

From 2018 to 2024, the route network and signage have been revised or renewed.

Meanwhile, the cycling node network is connected to those of neighboring regions: to the north with Zuid-Limburg (NL), to the east with the City Region of Aachen, to the west with the expansion of the cycling network of the Province of Liège, and the new cycling node network of the Province of Luxembourg.

What to do if a sign is missing or damaged?

The cycling junction node system in East Belgium covers about 850 km. All routes and signs have been checked carefully and are regularly maintained by the service of the Province of Liège.

Nevertheless, experience has shown that there can always be problems with the signposting or routing.

If you have discovered a missing, dirty or damaged signpost along the way, please do not hesitate to contact us to keep the junction node system up to date. Together, we ensure the best possible preservation of the cycling node network.

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